Gorgeous Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been crazy busy with dissertation and finals, but I promise, over the summer I have a ton of wedding posts and yummy food posts coming your way!

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Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake


I always like to have tea and cake with the girls, whenever we can squeeze it in. There’s nothing more civilised than an afternoon spent reconnecting, complaining about work, our significant others, and (if I can get them all in one place at the same time) trying to find bridesmaids dresses that all my girls like! Obviously, a full afternoon chatting requires a snack, but something that’s not too heavy or too sickly sweet, and that’s where my go-to Victoria spong recipe comes in handy!  Continue reading

Gluten Free Chocolate Button Cake

A friend of mine got married recently, and for the reception she asked some of her guests to bake a cake to bring and share with everyone. It was a lovely idea, saved her some money and we all had a TON of cake to eat on the big day.


I wanted to make something tasty and fun, because the bride is tiny, adorable and a little mental. So I made a chocolate button cake!

Here it is! I wanted it to be bright and fun, I was really proud of how it came out.
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Christmas Baking

I love to bake. I also love to eat. I really love to eat. I am terrible at cooking, but my baking usually goes right.
I have coeliac disease,  so all my baking is gluten free. I will share some posts with my favourite recipes soon. For now though,  I just wanted to share some pictures of my last two christmas bakes.
I love being creative with the decoration. My dad told me last year about how much he loved his dads christmas cakes, because they always had a really creative scene on them with some wow factor. My grandad died before I was one, so I never got to witness any of these amazing cakes, but I wanted to have a go to surprise my dad last year.


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