Bridal Party Hangers DIY

So today I’ve finally gotten around to a little DIY I’ve been very excited about.

***Bridesmaids/ Maid of Honour, I love your support but stop reading now***

Seriously. This post isn’t for you.

Ever since I started planning my wedding on Pinterest (which was totally after I got engaged) I’ve been in love with the personalised dress hangers that seem to be everywhere.


They seem like a cute way to get your girls excited on the day while you all get ready together, and a nice way to show its a day you all get to share.

I asked for a few quotes to have these made and was quickly horrified by the prices I was quoted, especially since I have six ‘maids, two flower girls, myself and my mum to include! They look great, but really they’ll only be used for a picture or two so I didn’t want them taking a bit chunk out of my budget. Obviously this was going to have to be a DIY job.

Enter Abigaels Attic (note the unusual spelling) who can be found on Facebook or the site linked above. They produce vinyl stickers for just 70p for a set of name, role and the date of your wedding!


This is how mine came. They are vinyl transfers that are sticky backed and have a transfer paper on top.

I also found these wooden hangers in Dunelm Mill. A pack of ten wooden hangers was only £4.99, making each hanger cost me a grand total of £1.20 so far.


A couple of them were a bit rough and would need sanding if you want a perfect finish. Mine were meant to be a little rustic though so I left them a little rough! Consider the fabric of your dresses when making this decision, you don’t want any tears or snags on the morning!

First step was to paint them. I’m a little obsessed with my Homebase Dove Grey paint. I picked up a tester for only £1.35, and this project used up about half of it.


It’s water based paint so it actually goes onto the wood quite nicely, and is easy to clean from brushes and accidents!


For my first coat I did quite a thin layer. It looks really messy and awful when you first put it on, and even worse when it dries, but your first coat is really just instead of a primer. The second coat covers properly and I only needed a few touch ups where I wasn’t thorough enough first time around!

The final step is adding the vinyls. They are very delicate so go carefully, and if you’ve not used them before definitely order a spare to play with! Essentially they come in three parts. The actual black vinyl words (which are sticky themselves on the back) are sandwiched between a white paper on the back and a see through plastic on the front.

Start by removing the white paper and position your lettering. Once you’re happy, use the side of a credit card to ensure they are completely stuck down.  lastly, gently and slowly remove the plastic topping and you’re ready to go!


I can’t wait to see all our dresses hanging on these on the big day!

I’d love to see your wedding DIYs, leave me some links in the comments below!

Liv x

Liv x


One thought on “Bridal Party Hangers DIY

  1. Magpie DIY December 1, 2015 / 2:10 pm

    These are so lovely! I get married next year, so I think I’ll start my DIYs over the Christmas period 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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