Mod Podge Flower Vase

I’m a huge Pinterest fan, but so many of the best ideas on there require Mod Podge, and being in the UK I thought we couldn’t get it here. WRONG! I found it in hobbycraft – the most obvious place to look. I am beyond excited about all the random stuff I can make with it.
I started with this easy Upcycled Vase.


I bought this Vase for £1 at a local charity furniture shop. The shop supports St Wilfrids Hospice, which cares for terminally I’ll patients. So it was money for a great cause and a fantastic find… Win win!


To do this, you only need a Vase, Mod Podge (I used gloss to match the shine of the vase) and some wall paper. I used this wall paper which was a sample I took when we were thinking about wallpapering the dining room.

Make sure your vase is completely clean and dry before you start.


I cut out the part of the pattern that I wanted to use very carefully. I picked this bit of the pattern because it was tall and thin, so that the curve of the vase wouldn’t give me too much of an issue when trying to lay it flat. If you chose something too thick and wide you will have difficulty getting out air bubbles and getting it to sit flat against the vase. If you want something thicker I suggest getting a Vase with straighter edges.


Once I’d cut it out I applied Mod Podge all over the back using a paint brush. Make sure you cover right to the very edges all over your transfer.

Then it’s time to stick it onto your vase. Carefully position it where you want it and once you’re happy start to smooth down the edges. I suggest starting from the bottom and working your way up, smoothing out air bubbles and creases as you go.

Once your transfer is flat to your vase, use the brush to put a layer of Mod Podge over the transfer. This will help to keep it on your vase and also make it glossy which matches the vase.


This is how mine looked after a coat of Mod Podge. Can you see how the transfer is shiny now?

Finally use a slightly damp cloth to clean up and buff away any excess Mod Podge. Be careful not to go too close or you’ll unstick your transfer.


That’s it! Your vase is finished.


I love how it looks in my hallway!


Simple, cheap and easy! I’d love to see your Mod Podge DIYs, please link me some in the comments.

Olivia x


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