Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Wedges

Being a coeliac student is, sometimes, rubbish! Gluten free food that is quick when I’m short of time after a project play session, or mid revision marathon tends not to be very affordable!
These sweet potato wedges though are so easy and so cheap, perfect for today when I was desperately trying to hit the word count on my dissertation!

They are so basic this isn’t even a recipe, I’ll just show you what I used.


Chop up your sweet potatoes into reasonably similar sized wedge shapes to make it easier to cook without burning some.


Score them with a fork.


Arrange them on a baking tray. Pour over a tablespoon of olive oil, and then add your seasoning. I usually go for some crushed garlic, pepper, chilli and paprika, but the other day I found this:


It’s so embarrassingly lazy, but tastes so good! It’s got paprika in it as well. Just sprinkle it over and then rub the wedges in the oil and flavours until they are all nicely coated.

Cook them at 200degrees C for about 25 minutes. I ate mine plain, but sometimes I’ll dip them into a little tomato chorizo soup or sour cream dip.


The best thing about these is they cost less than 35p a portion. I used two sweet potatoes costing 25p (50p for 4 in Iceland) with some oil and a little of the seasoning (£1 a pot). Even I can afford it! It also works out to 350 calories and 10g of fat, almost all of which comes from the olive oil so swap it if you’re watching your fat in take!


What are your favourite quick but cheap meals? Link me them in the comments below.

Olivia x


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