Cake International Exhibition

Oh… My…Word. I have never seen so many incredible cakes in one day! I went to the Cake International Exhibition in London a few weeks ago, with my mum and sisters. We were looking for inspiration for my wedding cake and just did not know how impressive these cakes would be! Here is just a small selection of my favourites.


The detail in these two was just so impressive, the one on the left had the flowers painted on by hand, while the one on the right had large sugarcraft flowers in such a lovely colour combination.


These were three of the most impressive cakes I saw. The range of techniques on each layer meant I spent an absolute age looking at them all! I love all of the colour combinations too, cream, navy blue and gold especially. Shame it doesn’t go with my wedding plans! I love the one on the right for its random large layer jutting out.


These three cakes were probably closer to the kind of thing I’d like at my wedding! I think the three layer cake is gorgeous, although a little pale for my plans. I’m having a summer wedding so I want a little brightness in every element, although I though the intricate designs on each layer were stunning. The surf hut cake is just so exactly what my fiancé would pick, I absolutely fell in love with it! If only I could find a way to mix the two without just plonking that cake on top of my fancy cake!


How. Amazing. Is this?! I swear in person it looked amazing, the shading and painting made it look like real metal. It wasn’t. I saw a little girl poke it! Just amazing art work!

And, for the grand finalé….


Round. Cake. Giant cake balls! Stacked! On top of more balls! This is immense. How they ever managed to transport it I will never know! I love the lace ‘skirt’ on the bottom layer, the metallic layer, the pearls on the top, it’s just amazing!

Did you go to the Cake International shows? What were your favourites? Please link me any other cake inspiration you think I should see in the comments!

Olivia x


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