Easter Crafts Day at Project Play

For my latest project play session I decided to throw a little Easter Party. It’s early, but it’s my last session before easter, and there are just so many fun easter themed craft ideas that I love!

I went to a local party shop and went mad on their easter stock!


Project Play is a scheme set up by an amazing friend of mine, we go into the hospital for a few hours three times a week to do different activities to get the children out of their rooms/wards and keep them entertained in the evening.

I got bunny ears for my volunteers to wear when they went to collect the kids from the wards. It can be pretty intimidating having strangers come and invite you to play so I wanted them to look fun and silly!

I try to have three stations of crafts for the children so they can do different things. This also means I can have a range of activities for different ages and abilities. The children may be bed bound, in chairs, half paralysed or able bodied and seriously hyper, so it’s tricky to cater for everyone!

My first activity was egg painting and nest building.


I got some fake straw, gold cupcake cases, mini chicks and polystyrene eggs to paint.


This is what I had in mind, but this is what the kids came up with…


Creative masterminds!
The next station was a little more basic. I printed some chicks onto coloured paper and put out pens, paints and feathers to decorate them.


These worked really well for the younger kids, although we did end up with feathers EVERYWHERE.


The final station was painting some salt dough ornaments. I had to instruct my volunteers to watch the kids and make sure no one tried to eat them as they look a little like cookies, but actually they were fine. I put out paints and glitter and pom poms to decorate them.


The recipe I used for salt dough is pretty standard:

1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
I rolled it out and cut them with cookie cutters in Easter shapes. I microwaved the shapes for 90-120 seconds depending on size and then stuck them in the fridge overnight to go really hard.


They looked great!

Finally for the really young (and hyper) children I had loads of different shaped balloons. Some ended up as swords, some were used to give all us volunteers static hair, and some were collected and thrown up in a balloon shower!

So those are my ideas for easter crafts, let me know how you entertain little ones over the easter break!

Olivia x


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