Having a go at Fondant Flowers

I went to the Cake International exhibition at London Excel centre at the weekend and everything looked so amazing I had to have a go! 


I definitely need some more practice… Watch this space!


Infinity Wrap Top Project


So I’ve been wanting an infinity dress for aaaages, but they are so expensive, and seem to only come in Bridesmaid-ey colours. I decided to have a go at making one myself, but to make it a little easier for myself I started off attempting a top. I love it so much, and it was surprisingly easy, so next week I’m going to attempt a maxi dress!

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A cats life…

So I haven’t been able to do anything remotely worth blogging about for a while because I have an exam next week and am trying to revise. On Saturday while I spent the entire day with my head in a psychiatry text book, Thor spent the entire day in my bed. As in head on the pillow, under the duvet.


Shoulda been a cat, not a doctor.