Decorative Recycled Tins

I originally made these lovely easy tin can holders for a baby shower I threw on a teeny tiny budget. Since then I’ve used them a lot for a little rustic decoration. They are cheap and easy to make and are a pretty way to recycle old tin cans.


To start with you just need a few tins, some white paint – I used a sample size of antique white paint from homebase – and whatever decoration you want to put round them.

Start off by cleaning the cans thoroughly inside and removing the label. The glue may be quite stubborn, I had to soak them for a while to get it all off.


If you can, use cans that are already white inside, it makes life easier! These are sainsbury tinned tomato tins I believe.
Next is the messy bit! Paint your cans white all over. Mine needed two coats to give an even colour. If you wanted you could distress them a little with wire wool although I found mine got distressed on their own with use!


Now for the fun part! Decide how you want to decorate your tins. I toyed with Burlap and a Floral fabric but decided to go for a pretty blue lace.


Once you’ve chosen your decoration just cut it to size and use a hot to gun to attach it!


That’s all there is to it.


And I made a tealight holder from a little jar to match.


What do you think? Any recycled decoration projects to share? Let me know in the comments.

Olivia x


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