Dinosaur Craft Fun – Play Session

So an amazing friend of mine set up a volunteer group who go into the local hospital 3 times a week to entertain and play with the children who are stuck on the wards. I’ve been a part of this for several months and was recently given the opportunity to take on more responsibility, and start planning and running sessions. It’s actually insanely fun. The kids that we have at these sessions are aged from 0-17, have a variety of abilities, from being bed bound or paralysed to running, screaming and jumping all over the place. This not only makes the sessions challenging, it makes chosing activities for the kids pretty tricky! We always try to have a bunch of activities to suit different abilities and ages and interests.

This week, I decided I wanted to do a Dinosaur themed session. It was inspired by these guys, who I picked up in Primark, of all places, for just £1 each! image

They are wooden, they roll, I figured if nothing else it was a good way to include really young kids in the session, and that if people got bored we could have some dinosaur racing. Nothing garners kids attention like a friendly competition!

My next activity was stolen from Pinterest (standard) and was making Dinosaurs that Stood up on their own with the aid of toilet roll legs. This was my one:

I cut up a few outlines of dinosaurs and gave them googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, paints and pens and let them have at it under the supervision of my scissor wielding volunteers.


These are the kids versions…




That last one was made by our most excited customer, he had checked on me 3 times before the session started to be sure I was getting everything ready, and we had a stand off either side of the door as he demanded to be let in early! I managed to hold my ground (he was 4) but I love that they get so excited over our sessions.

Another activity was simple painting and colouring on some sheets that I printed of different dinosaurs with a couple of random facts about the different types of Dinosaur. They worked quite well as ice breakers for the kids and volunteers to start conversations about.




The last aactivity we had was painting Dinosaur eggs. Another volunteer got some rocks from a local beach, and I just let the kids lose with paint, glitter, sequins, and whatever else they could get their hands on!

10998111_10152813103513757_465797015_o - Copy


So all in all, it was a massively successful session. All the kids loved the Dinosaur theme…. except one who, it turned out, was terrified of Dinosaurs and had to be taken back to her ward by her mum… crying. Can’t please everyone! #hatersgonnahate

Ever tried any of these? I’d love to see your pictures, link them in the comments below!

Olivia x


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