My Babies

So, if I’m going to write a blog it’s going to need to include the loves of my life. Other than my fiancé, I have two furbabies: a Lionhead rabbit called Whiskey, and a Maine Coon kitten called Thor.


This is Thor coming home with us, he was so tiny! We have had him for about 5 months now and he has already quadrupled in size. At 8 months old he is bigger than a normal cat, and I’m told that this breed can keep growing for us to two years, so he will be massive. He is an absolute terror but also a soppy thing, he’ll spend 20 minutes attacking my feet, trying to climb my leg and biting my knees (all behaviour my darling fiancé encourages) then curl up on my chest and demand attention.


He also sleeps like he’s been run over.


This is how big he is now… note the amazing blanket my talented mother made for the fiancé. He may be 28 but he loves super heroes and being warm, so it was the perfect gift.

This is Whiskey, my first baby! He’s a Lionhead rabbit, and we keep him indoors as a house rabbit. When we got Whisk we were living in a flat but T really wanted a pet as he’d always grown up with animals around. We toyed with getting a cat but it seemed cruel to keep one in, and we weren’t home enough to get a dog. After a lot of research we decided to look at getting a house rabbit. I;m so glad we did! I didn’t have animals growing up so for me Whisk was the perfect pet. He’s pretty inexpensive even though I spoil him rotten, he is independant so when he wants attention he will make it obvious but when he wants his own time he’ll run back to his cage (or his room since he had a double bedroom when we were in the flat – told you, spoiled).


Still a baby, roaming on the sofa. Check those home made cushions – my first real foray into sewing!


I love it when he chills out properly like this! So gorgeous ❤ We first got Whiskey when I was off sick for about 3 months following heart surgery (that’s another blog post I can’t face writing yet) so we spent a lotta time chilling on the couch like this watching terrible TV. Seriously, I have THE worst taste in TV. Teen mom and Vanderpump rules anyone? I know. I’m a bad person.

So anyway, these are my babies. I’ll try not to talk about them too much. I’ll almost certainly fail. I never really realised how much pets make a house a home until we got Whiskey, and adding Thor to the mix has been interesting and very different but now I don’t think I could go back to living without a cat. When I’m in my London house I genuinely find it odd to walk up the stairs without having my feet attacked. Plus I like coming home to Whisk in his cage just watching me walk around talking to him like a crazy person.

OK2B x


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