Gluten Free Chocolate Button Cake

A friend of mine got married recently, and for the reception she asked some of her guests to bake a cake to bring and share with everyone. It was a lovely idea, saved her some money and we all had a TON of cake to eat on the big day.


I wanted to make something tasty and fun, because the bride is tiny, adorable and a little mental. So I made a chocolate button cake!

Here it is! I wanted it to be bright and fun, I was really proud of how it came out.
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Barbie Princess cake

So I wish I could say that this cake was for my niece who’s 3… but it was for my sisters 26th birthday instead. We’ve always called her Little Miss Perfect so it just seemed apt.


This is the finished product… isn’t she beauty-ful?
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Baby Shower on a Budget

Last year, one of my oldest friends had a beautiful baby boy. While she was pregnant I offered to throw her baby shower. I know a lot of English people are against Americanisms like baby showers and engagement parties but I think they are a fantastic idea. They don’t necessarily have to be about gifts, but the idea of acknowledging and celebrating these huge life milestones is, to me, a lovely one.

So I was really excited to throw this baby shower. However, I had two problems: one, I had very little money (story of my life) and two, the only weekend mum to be could do was after a very important exam, meaning that I would only have 1 day to tidy the house and sort food. After an exam I am usually exhausted and useless, so I wanted to get as much done ahead of time as possible! Continue reading

Christmas Baking

I love to bake. I also love to eat. I really love to eat. I am terrible at cooking, but my baking usually goes right.
I have coeliac disease,  so all my baking is gluten free. I will share some posts with my favourite recipes soon. For now though,  I just wanted to share some pictures of my last two christmas bakes.
I love being creative with the decoration. My dad told me last year about how much he loved his dads christmas cakes, because they always had a really creative scene on them with some wow factor. My grandad died before I was one, so I never got to witness any of these amazing cakes, but I wanted to have a go to surprise my dad last year.


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Hot Glue Gun Fun: Button Canvas

So I bought a hot glue gun because I saw one in hobbycraft. I always thought that I had TONS of projects that I wanted to make, if only I had a glue gun to make them. So all excited, I bought it, got home and… couldn’t think of a single thing I wanted to make.

Lucky for me I have an adorable niece. She’s not actually my niece, she is the daughter of a friend from college, but we call ourselves her Aunties and she’s always happy to see us (except for a while after Auntie K yelled over some spilt hot tea) so it’s close enough. So anytime I am craving a little craft action with no particular project in mind, I usually create something useless fun for her. Like this Initial Button Canvas. Totally useless but fun for me to make!

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Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve been telling myself I am going to start a blog for literally years, and I’m excited to have finally started it!

I’m currently a medical student studying in London, and although I love medicine and the job it just doesn’t fulfill my creative side, so I am always on the look out for DIY projects and ideas, for my home, garden, pets and loved ones. As a (very) poor student, I also have to complete my projects on a very strict budget, which can be frustrating, but usually adds to the fun!

I also recently got engaged, so I am also navigating the unfamiliar waters of wedding planning, which I am finding is as fun as it is stressful! I have always said I want to enjoy the process of planning my wedding, as I am only going to do it once. There is so much to do but I’m loving gathering all the ideas I’m finding online, and all the opportunities to make bits myself and involve the ones I love in mine and my fiances big day (must remember he is involved).

So… I hope this blog will be a place for me to gather all of the random little projects that I enjoy doing, be it for my house, my our wedding, or whatever. I also want it to be a place to share experiences of my time studying medicine, being in a (sometimes) long distance relationship and living on a budget!

OK2B x